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Listing Name \ FEE Activation Reinvestment Insurance Total Fee Upgrade Link
INSURED $150 $350 $2,000 $2500 Add Your Program
EXCLUSIVE $150 $350 $0 $500 Add Your Program
SPECIAL $100 $250 $0 $350 Add Your Program
NORMAL $50 $100 $0 $150 Add Your Program
TRIAL $20 $50 $0 $70 Add Your Program

Hyip Aggregators:

** We vote your program for each single withdrawal.
** By random we mean we choose some among these:

We vote your program on TrustPilot.com only if you add your program in our EXCLUSIVE or INSURED listing group.

Two YouTube Videos:

1: How to make deposit and request for a withdrawal + withdrawal proof (share in a few hours after the first withdrawal)
2: New withdrawal proof (depends on the program plan)

N* YouTube Videos:

1st: How to make deposit (share in a few hour)
2nd: How to withdraw and withdrawal proof (share by the first withdrawal)
And each 10 days we record another video to show the fresh instant payment.

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Our Listing Groups comparison:

RefBack Offer Up To 70% Up To 100% Up To 200% Up To 400% Up To 600%
Bounty Contest YES YES YES YES YES
Add on the "Paying hyips" box YES YES YES YES YES
Share on our telegram channel YES YES YES YES YES
Available on our telegram BOT YES YES YES YES YES
Share on many related telegram groups NO YES YES YES YES
Share proof on the program's telegram NO YES YES YES YES
Share on our Facebook NO YES YES YES YES
Share on many related FB groups NO NO YES YES YES
Share on our twitter NO YES YES YES YES
Video review (YouTube video ) NO NO YES x 1 YES x 2 YES 2 + N
Full review (TEXT) NO NO NO YES YES
Add to our signature on the forums NO NO NO
Vote in aggregators (By each withdrawal)
Share withdrawal proofs on monitors/blogs NO NO TOP 3* TOP 7* TOP 10*
Free LifeTime banner (banner size (px)) 125x125 468x60 728x90
468x60 +
728x90 +
Program will be listed Automatically after the payment is made.
Guaranteed investment* If our users invest less than the "Activation Fee" you pay (IN 2 WEEKS), we refund the "Activation Fee" you paid.
Activation FEE: $20 $50 $100 $150 $150
Investment $50 $100 $250 $350 $350
INSURANCE Amount: $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $2000
TOTAL (Investment+ Activation) $70 $150 $350 $500 $2500
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If any item is confusing, contact us.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The paying status will be set after the first successful withdrawal
  2. Pay with the same payment that your program accepts it.
  3. If your program pays only to selective investors, we have the right to change your program status to SCAM.
  4. We have the right to deny and remove the hyip(s) based on their responsibility and risk.