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Bounties and Rewards

Our referrals can request to get their Referral Commissions Back (RCB).
When you got your referral commission back you can request for bounty by sharing the RCB proof on these websites:

https://h-metrics.com/blogs_monitorings/view/hyip.press/ $0.15
https://investorsstartpage.com/commentsmon/act/ComMonView/d/hyip.press $0.15
https://watchhyipmonitors.live/monitor/hyip.press/ $0.10
ALL (If you send on all these websites, you will received $0.45 bounty (in total).) $0.45


- You have to received a Referral Commissions Back (RCB) from us. (So you can share the proof of it on those websites).
- The bounty has to be requested within 24 hours.
- Our team will check those websites for your votes and process the bounties manually as soon as possible.
- All the bounties will be processed via EPayCore (with NO dependency to your RCB request).
**** If you don't have a EPayCore account, you can add your bounties to your account balance and when you reach the minimum amount ($5), you can request to withdraw it via Tether BEP20.
If you have any questions, please contact us:
Form: https://hyip.press/contact-us/
Telegram: https://t.me/hyipPressBot
Please login to your account to see the request form.
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